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Masato Ohno


My name is Ono, who has been doing an internship at AirXpress for half a year at AirXpress. I also in charge of marketing with other services at SpaciaNet (co-working space / event space management), two in a week and three in a week at AirXpress. The office is in a very cheerful atmosphere, as i am working daily with senior employees and Cambodian staff. At present, the scale of the company is expanding and has a very strong momentum, so I think one of the attractions is that Company knows and understand what need to be done. Also, I am interested in marketing activities and problem solving, Company does not limit me and assign me to do what i want to, I am happy to introduce marketing activities in the space rental business. Currently, in addition to the regular business of AirXpress and the space business, we are involved in creating activities with internal staff (such as club activities), promoting and marketing AirXpress, and participating in projects to acquire new intern students. This company is recommended for those who want to improve their language skills, working as team, and gain experience through internships abroad!

KLEB Sotheavy



My name is Sotheavy Kleb. I am Cambodian and my homeland is Banteay Meanchey province. I was graduated from Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia (PNC) in 2017. My major is Web programming and I was interned at Airxpress during the time at PNC. I was able to compare what I learned from school, It is not just how to work but I also got to know more about how to connect with people. I was able to learned how to use the time, And I also got to know how to use the time and how to use the knowledge I have in my major. Moreover, it is a big achieved as I got chance to work as an employee at Airxpress. I am proud and very happy to be able to work with the team here. Lastly, I wish the company be more successful.

Yui Fujimoto



I have been an intern at Airxpress for 6 months.There are many Cambodian staff around my age and they are very exciting to work with.I specially find the company culture attractive where both Cambodian staff and Japanese staff respect the other.Through the daily communication with the hosts & the guests, I believe I have learned business communication and problem solving techniques.Would you like to grow together working here, in the company leading the future of Cambodia? If you wish to strengthen your language skills or to experience overseas internship, come and join! I recommend it since there is so much that you can’t experience in Japan!

HENG Chheanly



My name is Heng Chheangly. After I finished my two years studied at Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia organization (PNC), I was an intern as IT(Web Developer) at Airxpress for 4 months. It was a great chance for me to experienced and measured my knowledge which I got after I finished my study. My time of being an intern was over but I have decided and hoping to be an employee here. I am really thankful for that my hope was fulfilled. I would really recommend Airxpress if you are looking for place to intern.

Internship Recruitment

Airxpress is hire internship who wants to try working in Cambodia

Place of company Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Period 6 months above
Job Exchange mail service, Teaching Japanese to Cambodian, website operate work etc.
Age 30 years old or under both male and female,
Requirement For those who have ability to writing, reading and communicate English or Chinese.
Benefit Salary Negotiable
House Rental assistance
Visa Support
How to apply Please contact us with the form below with the title of ” Internship recruitment “. We will contact you after that.

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